Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I woke up to Dave cooking breakfast and asking me what I want. I like to eat 2 hours or more after I wake up so this waking up to breakfast might be nice to some people but it drives me crazy. He offered to make me an egg but I turned that down.

I woke up and went to use my computer. I updated my weight graph and started updating my BodyMedia fit graphs. (I moved most BMF graphs to a new page so the main page has fewer graphs now.) The ones on my site were last updated in August 2011, but I couldn't even find that file on my computer. I only had up to February 2011. I logged in to BodyMedia fit and started doing exports. I hate that you can only do 28 days at a time. Three hours later I was still at it.

At 3, Dave went to see Hobbit. I didn't want to go so he went alone.  I was still updating my graphs in excel but I was also talking on gchat.  Dave brought back burgers from In N Out and we watched Undercover Boss. This was the first time I wasn't 100% disgusted by the ending. The CEO of Mood Media decided to provide health insurance to same sex partners. Usually bosses just give who they work with money and vacations and do nothing to better the company.

After that, we watched In Time. I liked that movie. I did want more when it ended though.
Dave went to sleep and I went to my computer to type some blog posts. I didn't even realize, but Poly was asleep right next to my chair.

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