Thursday, January 17, 2013


I woke up early to run. Man was that hard.  I was out the door by 8:10 to meet Brian by 8:30.  We ran at Bay Trail, then walked a bit after for a little cooldown.
Almost as soon as I got home I called my mom on the phone. I feel like we were barely into our call when the smoke alarm went off. I forgot they were testing. Poly was on my lap but when the alarm went off she bolted and hid.  I got half under the bed to comfort her a little. 40 minutes later, the alarm finally stopped. Contractors were going in every apartment to check all the detectors and all the sprinklers.  I can't believe how long it took or how loud it was. I feel so bad for all pets.
After it was done, Poly and I laid on the floor. I let her rest against my hand. Finally after an hour or more she started to get less jumpy and relax a little.  When I finally got up, I was stiff.  I was using 2 newspapers as pillows.  It wasn't the most comfortable thing. Poor Poly.  When she was finally ready to get up and sat up on her own is when I got up.  Immediately after that, I made myself a PB&J for lunch.

I debated not showering since I'd be working out in 3 hours but I just felt too gross so I showered. (I keep my new pink pants out in my closet to remind myself I need to stop getting fat so I can fit into them.)  Then I looked at my running data and wrote about it.  I was so exhausted so I didn't go to the store and I rested on the couch. I watched a few episodes of Melissa & Joey. I fell asleep for maybe 10 minutes.
I went to Body Pump at 5:30.  Here's what I thought about it.  The warmup easy until biceps. (I used 10 lb on each side. and I used to do 5 kg (11 lb).) Squats were way easy since I ran and have been fatigued. It felt easy but I think I should have gone down an inch or 2 more. I used 15 lb on each side. I used to do 10-12.5 kg (22-27 lb) per side.   Chest I thought was easy until pushups when I couldn't do them on my feet. I had to do them on my knees and I hate having to drop down during pump tracks. I did 12.5 lb on each side. I used to do 7.5kg (16.5 lb). For back I did same weight as chest like I used to but it was harder.... on my shoulders. I didn't feel anything in my back. Biceps I did 5 on each side. I used to do 2.5 kg (5.5lb) but really I used to do 5 kg then I got lazy and kept backing it down. I was actually building up again and was up to 6kg on each side the last few times I did pump.  Triceps I'm not used to doing without a bar or if we did it was 5kg on our laps, tricep extension with 5kg and kickbacks with 2.5. I basically did double that except I think with overhead extensions I did 5 lb instead of 10. Lunges I thought were easier until I did that squat thrust. I didn't like that. They scare my bad knees so then I get way off on count then I can't get back to where I should be. Plus I don't really want to be doing them. I want more lunges on the lunge track.  I did 10 lb a side today and I used to do 8.5 kg/side (18.7lb) but she did warn us to go low and I wasn't sure why so I listened.  Shoulders I was kind of ready to die and I still did the equivalent I used to do (even though a few years ago I would have had way more on the bar).   I thought the plank part of that ab track was hard. 

I did very similar weights or less and some things were hard and some easy..  My shoulders were dead right after class. I wonder how I killed them so bad to make them fatigued before I started. (I thought I'd be really sore the following days but I was not.)
After I got home, I went out to pick up pizza. I wish I took money with me to the gym because it would have saved me time.

During dinner we watched 30 rock. Then I watched 2 episodes of Biggest Loser. I'm glad to see they got dry fit shirts now for the contestants. They've been around a few years so I couldn't believe the show was still doing T-shirts.  But then all the guts were showing on the guys. They should have gotten longer ones. I ate oreos while watching Biggest Loser. I ate 8... which is 4 servings. 1 serving = 140 calories.

Then I watched Mob Doctor. It's the last episode and I still wanted more.  I watched Parenthood. I watched Private Practice.  Dave woke up and wanted me to come to bed. He even picked up Poly so I couldn't use her as an excuse to stay up.  Then I got on Netflix and watched a few episodes of Melissa & Joey until I fell asleep on the couch.  The thing was, Dave took Poly but a few minutes later she just returned to sleep right up against me. I did get up and go to bed with her still on the couch though.

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