Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 7 of Half Marathon Training (1.21-1.27)

Previous Summaries
Planned Mileage: 3, 6, 2, 11 (for a total of 22 miles)

Monday: I took a rest day by accident because I took a couple hour nap in the middle of the day. I did walk to and from Sprouts for ~20 minutes of walking. 

Tuesday: I went to Body Pump at the gym and ran to and from class. I wanted to run 2 miles but slacked off. I got lightheaded on the third track for Body Pump and I should have stopped but I didn't. I also didn't back down on weights. 

Wednesday, 1/23: I took a rest day. I was still somewhat lightheaded when I was moving around. 

Thursday: I went for a 3 mile run. I was going to do mile repeats but with the rain I wimped out. I almost didn't run at all. I actually went back inside in the morning when I went out but at least I ran eventually. 

A few hours later Dave and I went to the gym and lifted weights. We walked to and from the gym and spent 40 minutes lifting. (I did my first set on assisted pullups at 60 lbs and for the 2nd set I did at 54 so I went down to 48 lbs of assistance on the 3rd set. I could only do 4 on the last set though. This is an improvement.  I used to keep it too easy without realizing. I need to push myself so that I can get to actually doing a pull up some day.)

Friday:  I met Hilary at the gym and we swam. I really suck. I did 800 meters. She did 1000 m in about the same time. I did a lot of back stroke to recover. Man it was hard. Also we were slowed a bit because people don't seem to know how to work lanes.  We didn't remember to look at the clock but I think we were done in a little under a half hour. Near the end I kept timing lengths. I would do the breaststroke in 40-45 seconds and back stroke in 40-45 seconds yet the backstroke seemed so easy. Half the time I didn't even use my arms when on my back for some recovery. My arms were quite sore from lifting. I never remembered to time myself doing freestyle. I also did that a lot at the beginning so I basically couldn't do it anymore at the end. I'd get halfway across the pool and be super exhausted so I'd switch strokes. Sometimes I'd wait at the end of the lane for Hilary to talk to her and tell her how slow I am but that was also soem good recovery time.  

At 11 we left to bike to google. We ate lunch there then biked home. We biked a total of 14.29 miles. 

Saturday: I accidentally took a rest day. 

Sunday:  I ran 9 miles. Originally I wanted to do 10 but would have been happy with 8. I ran the first half with Hilary. Our first mile was pretty fast that I got tired early. Also I was dreading the run. I meant to eat breakfast first and I didn't so before I started I thought the run would suck. I ran 9.1 miles and then walked to get to 9.25.  My pace was 10:10 but with the walking at the end the overall average was lower.  My pace was so much slower than last week but at least I did the long run. I was hoping for 10-10:30 pace but also didn't really want it that slow since last week I was a lot better than a 10 minute pace. 

Originally I was going to do 10 miles. Then, I really wanted to quit when Hilary did at 5 miles. Then I thought I'd do 9. Then 7. Then 8. Then 9.5 then I had to cut that short because my hip started bothering me just like it did all last spring so I didn't want to push it. 

The last few miles were tough. I felt like I was running in slow motion. I was trying but still running at a 10 minute pace. I did the entire thing at 4:1 intervals but when I stopped at water fountains I didn't pause the run:walk app so I did miss out on some running time here or there.  The water fountain was ~1.15 miles from the start.   I ran out to 2.5 and turned back. Then at 4.75, I turned around and Left Hilary.  Then close to 6.83 I turned around to head back. I was going to turn around at 6.75 but it was right at a park and I was looking for a water fountain. I did not find one but ended up running a tad long before turning around.  I am glad I didn't end up quitting at 5 or 7. 

Total Running Mileage: 13.13 mi (I actually had to limit running because I had been increasing too much but then I slacked off extra.)
Total Biking Mileage: 14.29 mi
Total other things: a couple walk,  1 Body Pump, 1 bike ride.

Summary: I purposely decreased my mileage but I decreased it 2 more miles than I wanted. I slacked off this week.


  1. - I am continually jealous of all your nice weather.

    - Swimming! Man, I wish we could hack doing some pool workouts sometime. Swimming is so hard until you get the form down (aquadynamics and all), and then it becomes... slightly less hard. But it feels nearly impossible if you don't have really good form, because there is so much extra motion that gets wasted on turning sideways and breathing and whatnot. 800m is not bad for starters.

    - Sorry I never remember to read or write blog posts. It comes and goes in spurts.

    1. The weather is great around here but then when it's not 100% great, we complain. Like the other day the 55 degree super light rain had me complaining. I would have begged for that temp and rain in Pittsburgh.

      Swimming sucks. The breathing part is what sucks for me. I turn my head each stroke. I try not to but fail. Swimming is also hard when your arms and shoulders are really sore from lifting.