Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 8 of Half Marathon Training (1.28-2.3)

Previous Summaries
Planned Mileage: 5, 4, 4, 5 (for a total of 18 miles)

Monday: I took a rest day because I was too busy watching TV. I'm a slacker. 

Tuesday: I didn't workout because I was too busy with TV again.  I did do a core workout at night just to do one. 

Wednesday, 1/30: I ran a 4 mile speed workout. It was mile repeats but when you only do 2 miles it's not much of a repeat. It's funny the overall pace is only about 9 minute miles but those 2 miles at a much faster pace were pretty tough. I've only ever done mile repeats with 2 miles of repeats so maybe one of these days I'll get up to 3. I tend to skip over half my speed workouts. It's amazing how I used to run a full 5k at faster than my 1 mile pace for these repeats. 

Thursday: I went for a run and later went to Body Pump. I ran to and from the gym so I was able to have extra mileage than my monthly goal. 

The run was a little tough. I guess my legs were still tired from the speed workout the day before. 

Friday:  I took a rest day. I did a lot of cleaning though.

Saturday: I didn't run or have specific workouts but I did a decent amount of walking in San Francisco. 

Sunday:  I took a rest day but did walk to and from Safeway and later to and from Sprouts so I got some walking in. Oh I also toured the Winchester Mansion. 

Total Running Mileage: 9.2 mi 
Total Biking Mileage: 0 mi
Total other things: a couple walks,  1 Body Pump.

Summary: I ran way less because of friends visiting at the end of the week and I was lazy early in the week. I did a lot of walking and cleaning so I burned my normal amount of calories even though my specific exercises weren't that much.  The week was a drop back week but I really dropped down.

BTW the race is April 9. I was going to run one February 16 but never registered for it. I still have to register for the one in April. I think I should volunteer at a few races around here now that I'm not running so many.

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