Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 9 of Half Marathon Training (2.11-2.17)

Planned Mileage: 3, 6, 3, 11 (for a total of 23 miles)

Monday: I ran 3 miles. I ran them fast. My goal was 9 minute pace but I also didn't want any one split slower than a 9 minute pace (2:15). I only had 1 slower. My second slowest was 2:14.5.  It was a lot harder at the beginning of the run and around 2.5 miles in.

Tuesday: I walked to the gym. I lifted weights at the gym but got lightheaded so I stopped early. I only did about half of what I was going to. Then I walked home.  I went to sleep at 9pm because I still felt weird. 

Wednesday: I went for a run at Bay Trail with Hilary.  We planned to do 5 miles. I thought the fasted I'd do them was 9:30.  On my watch our pace was 9:29 but on Hilary's it was 9:22. Every time we run at Bay trail her watch says we run further and every time we run at Steven's Creek Trail, my watch says we went further.   I was dreading the run. I even was sitting in the car waiting for Hilary thinking how much I didn't want to run.

I specifically talked about TV shows and stuff the entire time to trick myself into not realizing how far we were running.  I didn't struggle nearly as bad as the last time I ran with Hilary. She was struggling more today.   I think we stood and talked after our run as long as we spent running.  I really  need to try to trick my brain more. The less I think about actual running the better. I forgot how much a good conversation can trick my mind.  When we don't talk, I just think how how slowly the time goes and how slowly the distance increases. 

Thursday: I went swimming. It was cut short because I was sick of people waiting for the pool. I bought goggles on my way but they leaked so I didn't even get to use them. I guess I should exchange them. Later in the day I did abs, weights, and foam roller. 

Friday:  I took a rest day again. 

Saturday: I took a rest day because I was lazy.

Sunday:  I went for a long run with Hilary. We have both been skipping our long runs lately. We went in the afternoon and it was far too sunny and hot so I was dying. The weather claimed it was 64 and felt like 69 but it seemed hotter than that to me. (The Temp to the right is wrong but I'm too lazy to update it.)

We ran the first 2 miles straight through. Then we did 4:1 until 6.5 miles where we swapped to 3:1. We did miss a few walk segments based on where the water fountains hit.

It was quite a struggle. The run seemed never ending. The last 2 long runs were quite the struggle. I need to do more medium runs to make these not suck so bad. Also I'm going to try to keep up with 10 on the weekends until I can complete them in a decent time. 

I should also mention that on one of the bridges we went from a run to a walk or maybe it was walk to a run but either way it felt like the bridge was moving and then I got really dizzy. I made us stop and I was still half dizzy for about a half mile. This was during the 9th mile.

Total Running Mileage: 18.92 mi 

Total Biking Mileage: 0 mi
Total other things: a couple walks,  2 weight lifting, a few core workouts.

Summary: I did better actually getting miles in this week but still didn't do enough other stuff. 

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