Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1.12 - Biking

Dave wanted to go biking at 9am. That didn't happen because I didn't get out of bed until 10:30.  We wasted a little bit of time and headed out near noon. We went to Bay Trail but didn't like it so much because it was too rocky for our liking.  We still biked a couple miles though and even stopped at one point to take some running pictures of me.
We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch then went to Guadalupe River Trail and biked 8.8 miles there.  We saw a dog on a bike. It was so shocking that I was delayed in getting out my camera so I didn't get a good pic. I came home and decided to google "dog on bike" to find out if anyone else has done it and I found a picture of the guy with his dog when the dog was younger.  Man it was so cute. (By the time I stopped my bike, took my glove off, got out my phone, and snapped a picture, the owner was standing by the bike. This would have been a nice time to have google glass. If I wasn't so in shock I could have had my camera out 10 seconds sooner)
We got home and looked at data. I also looked at pictures.  I was hungry and eventually figured out dinner. We had Caesar Salad and Taquitos. We watched some TV but I only got Dave to watch 1 real show (Gray's Anatomy). Then we watched The X Factor.  On our 2nd episode Dave fell asleep so once he realized he got up to go to bed and turned off the episode.

When he got up, so did Poly.  She was sleeping on the couch by him.  She climbed on me and was so cute. I didn't have the Apple TV remote so I watched TV shows on mythTV. Well I was almost out of shows so I just had 90210 left to watch. I watched all 9 episodes. 1 episode messed up so I had to watch it online. Why is it always the 1 episode that is messed up is also the episode before the episodes that are conveniently on hulu.  This happened with 90210 before and with Gossip Girl.  I did fall asleep near 2am so I had to rewind and rewatch. Btu then I got a second wind and finished watching them all and didn't go in to sleep until a little after 6 am. Dave even woke up near 5 to yell at me.


  1. You look ADORABLE in the top top left photo. OMG.

    1. Thanks. We were even just setting up getting ready for the running photos and Dave snapped a few. No official posing or anything.

    2. Cool! I love your hair like that.

    3. Thanks. I only ever randomly do my hair like that when I'm sitting around. I think that's the one and only time I did when I went out in public. I have thought about doing it like that for races.