Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Pants: F21, Sweater: Limited, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: Target
I don't like this outfit. I also think it looks worse because it was too close to dark so the flash went off and the coloring is weird.
(Dave thought I should wait until my face wasn't red for the pictures but I said I'd forget and if I didn't forget I could take them again. Well I forgot so I don't have any without a red face.)
I slept in a bit. I stayed in bed for awhile. I watched TV on my iPad.  I ate jelly toast for lunch. When you really need to go grocery shopping you start running out of a lot of food.

I made a few phone calls on my to-do list. Calling Comcast was my downfall. After that I needed some recovery.  I ended up napping in bed under 2 afghans.   That sort of ruined my day.
I went for a run around 5 pm. I ran 3 miles. I took some pictures of my red face. I sent them to my mom as I took them. She thought it was the reddest my face has ever been from a run but I could remember another time it was redder then I mentioned that to Dave and he specifically mentioned another time it was redder and we both thought of the same time.  I was wearing a Troy Day shirt. I know I took pictures of it because I remember a scrapbook page about it, but I can't seem to find the picture quickly for a comparison.
Dave got home and I went to Boudin's and got us sandwiches. We watched TV. Then Dave went to sleep near 9 pm. Our internet sucked. It kept dying. We can barely handle ourselves when we can't have internet for everything.

I stayed up until 3am watching Life. Dave woke up near 3 and was having trouble sleeping. We were talking at 3 and that ended up actually making me tired.

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