Friday, March 15, 2013


I watched TV.

I did clean the kitchen a little but not even enough to make a dent.

I went to our apartment complex gym to do some cardio.   Then later when I went to Sprouts, I ran there.  I walked back since I had groceries.  I was highly disappointed with the vegetable selection and chicken prices though.  Chicken was 4.99 lb and last time it was 3.49 and before that 2.99 and 2.49.  The broccoli was cheaper than it has been but it was pretty gross looking so I didn't buy any.  Not buying chicken and not buying broccoli caused me to be disappointed and then end up buying junk.
After Dave got home from work, we went to the gym to lift weights.  I only did 2 sets since Dave was already weak from biking home.  We got Boudin's on the way home.  Calling to order as soon as we leave the gym puts us way ahead in the line. We got there and the line was 10 people or more and the same lady was ordering the entire time.  When you call ahead you can just go to the other counter and pay and pick up your food. Sometimes your food isn't ready but most of the time it is. If you go there, wait in line and order, then you still have a long wait for your food.

We watched American Idol.  I read in bed after. Dave was shocked I was reading.  I read on the exercise bike too. I finished reading Born to Run. Now I guess I need another book to take months to read.  Then I watched TV on my iPad for hours. I think I fell asleep near 3 am but it could have been closer to 5 am.

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