Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Jeans: Express (I thought I put on my VS ones and wondered why they felt so tight. It took a couple days for me to figure out why)
Sweater: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Limited

The day started off early.  We went to Google for breakfast. It was my first breakfast at Google. We were there early so most people weren't at work yet. I never saw it so dead. I had a bagel for breakfast. I'm not a good morning eater. I had it with peanut butter because they didn't have cream cheese. Dave asked and they ordered some but it hadn't come in.  John and Brie had their fancier breakfasts. Dave probably did too but I don't remember.   After we walked a little around Google but almost not at all because Brie and John were in a hurry. It was probably a waste to drive to Google so early and not see anything and spend that time driving.   After Google, we went to Sprouts. I walked home from there.
After I got home, I used my computer a little and watched TV. But I needed a rest. Poly was tired too. Dave was probably tired too but he was at work.
So after awhile I went to the couch and napped. I needed to decompress after spending so much time with people. I'm not used to seeing people anymore that when I do it is exhausting. I emailed my mom telling her I needed to decompress and she liked that term so we kept talking about it so now I'll probably use it more often.

We got Chinese for dinner. I think from the place right near our apartment. I didn't like it because the chicken was dark meat.

Brie and I have so many things to do next time. All the things we didn't get to this time. I wanted to show her Bay Trail. I want to go places to get nice pictures even if I've been there before like the Golden Gate Bridge.  Dave always wants to do a boat ride. Maybe we can go to museums. We also didn't walk to bars or restaurants. I wanted to show her how that is the possibility. I didn't get to show her DSW and how it is huge or the outlet malls around here. We also have to go to Google during normal business hours. There are probably so many more things to do that I've already thought of and forgot and so many things I'll come up with over the next few months/years until she gets here again.


  1. I really was glad to get to go to Google and have breakfast, even though we didn't get to do anything else. I thought we had a little more time, but we did not. :( I enjoyed it, though. It was just like a little birthday treat.

    I think I got really exhausted. I don't travel a lot and when I do fly and stuff it wears me out (plus all the walking!).

    I hope we get to come back in not-too-long. :)

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