Sunday, March 24, 2013


Shirt: Loft, Jeans: Mudd (not sure which store but from college), Shoes: Brooks, Necklace: Target
Dave woke me up at 8. We did a little coding in ruby. I went back to sleep until 9:15. Well I kept waking up  but making myself to back to sleep.

At 10, I had an interview with Dev Bootcamp. The interview was via Skype. Partway through Poly got between me and the computer then decided to take a nap on my lap. As soon as we said bye, she got up off of me and went over and napped on the cable box (her cable box since we never seem to turn on the TV). (I had to make a video for my application for Dev Bootcamp and Poly got in the way in that too.  It was supposed to last a half hour but it was only about 20 minutes. After that I started talking to Hilary to decide what workout to do. We decided to bike to Google.
We ate lunch with Dave. Then we headed to chairs under a tree and sat there. Dave got his work computer and started working. His coworkers were going to join us but we decided not to spend ALL day there.  Then we had to bike home. Biking in jeans is kind of awful but I didn't want to be walking around Google in workout clothes.
After I got home, I was working at my computer.  Around 5, I ate leftover Pizza. Around 8, Dave got home and we ate dinner. I only had a little bit since I already ate my first dinner.  We watched TV and  both fell asleep before 10 PM.  Dave and Poly actually ended up sleeping like they are pictured with Dave resting his head on Poly.

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