Friday, March 8, 2013

3.4 Productive

Shirt and Jeans: F21, Boots: Famous Footwear, Necklace: Sears  (I didn't leave the house in these clothes. I just decided maybe when Dave got home, I shouldn't be in PJs again.)
I woke up early because Poly was unhappy with my sleeping position and she wanted to sleep on my chest.  So I woke up at 8:10... before all of my alarms. I did stay in bed and just started watching Monk on my iPad. I watched 2 episodes and checked some email.
I drove to google and biked home. I ate lunch there.  After I got home, I ran.  Then I looked at data and showered. By that point it was 3 PM.
I was productive after that and did things on my to-do list until 4:45 when I started cooking.  I had added 11 things to my to do list and I did 8 of those. I also did some things that were leftover from my to-do list before. Not bad since lately I've only been doing about 1 thing on my list if any.
I made tuna noodle casserole. I timed it perfectly that the buzzer was going off as Dave was walking in the front door. Then it had time to cool while Dave was changing his clothes. It worked out so well. I didn't even know what time he was leaving work so I can't believe how well I timed it.

We watched some of Rachel Maddow and then some of American Idol.  We were already partway through the episode of American idol and then finished it.
Dave played his game and I watched Mentalist that I fell asleep during the night before. I almost fell asleep during it again.  Then watched Pretty Little Liars (4 episodes), Switched at Birth, and Carrie Diaries.  Switched at Birth was rough to watch since the entire show was in sign language and I had to read subtitles. It was rough watching it at 2am. I wanted to be half asleep. There were plenty of times I had to rewind because I missed reading what was on the screen. I'm not sure why I didn't stop watching it to watch another time when I was more awake.

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