Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TV Show Rant (Part 2)

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviors - They never said any of the agent's names so it was too hard to get to know the main characters.  It almost made me not continue to watch the show.   I was lost because I didn't remember the characters from Criminal Minds. It felt weird that they kept Garcia but that she was never anywhere in person (until the 6th episode or so).  About halfway through the season, I think they realized their errors and tried to introduce everyone and also tried to give us a personal connection to the characters. It was just a little too late so then they were cancelled.  What really makes me mad is ending a season with a to be continued. Those are awful in general but really bad when they show isn't on anymore.  They should have done a 2 minute segment online like Greek did that showed us after the show. Greek gave me a little more closure. Greek was even on for 4 seasons and they still added more closure.

Another show that I realized I don't know any of the character names is Carrie Diaries. I read the info about it and realized the only name I knew was Carrie. I've already watched 6 episodes, too.  In general, I'm not as big of a fan of this teen drama but there aren't enough teen dramas on so I'm giving it a shot.  I never watched Sex and the City so I don't even have that comparison.

In general I wish you could search Netflix for only the US shows. Even if other shows are in English sometimes the accents are rough so it's harder to watch. I wish they had better filters.

I realized shows I watched months ago are no longer available on Netflix. I guess that isn't a rant about a show in particular except when I wanted to go back and get some screen shots. While I'm complaining about Netflix, I also wish I could rate a show on a partial star. The average goes to a decimal place and so does their guess on what I'll think yet I can only rate on whole stars.
Freaks and Geeks was only around for one season so you'd think there must have been a good reason to cancel it, yet on so many different sites, people were claiming it was one of the top 10 or top 15 teen dramas.  I almost didn't finish watching the show but the second half of the series was a lot better than the first.  Almost nothing built off of one episode to another which was rather annoying for me though. It's from 1999. I think I continued watching it because so many of the actors are in other things now (Cougar Town, Bones, How I met your Mother, 127 Hours, etc.).  So many of those actors made it big.     I actually want to see more of the show now.  They also didn't do any story buildup in earlier episodes. So if someone had a new crush, they were only mentioned in the episode that was the focus.
Pretty Little Liars recently showed a clip in the recap in the beginning that they didn't show in the previous episode. I used to think Pretty Little Liars was so good but I think that was just at the beginning and when I could watch all the episodes back to back.  I swear there isn't that much happening in each episode now.   In the last episode I watched Spenser's sister had fairly long hair and in this episode it is way above her shoulders. I often notice how hairstyles change on characters between episodes and they make no mention of it. It's often quite shocking. On some shows they will have 1 comment here or there about the haircut or ask about it. It's always a weird thing.  I also notice between seasons they change a lot even if sometimes one season ends and the  next one begins on the same day.
On Monk Season 3 they had a mid season break for a few months. The last episode before the break was normal.  Then the first episode after the break, there is no Sherona. They said she left but there was no lead up. It just seemed so odd. They updated the intro/theme song and kept most of the segments in it but they took Sherona out of them. You can still see her hair in it.

On Season 5 of Monk, you could tell they showed them out of order because in some Natalie was pregnant and some not. They were trying to hide the pregnancy but sometimes it was quite obvious.

So it took them a year to work the music video into the Cougar Town script  Josh Hopkins was in Alanis Morissette’s 1998 music video for her song “Unsent.” At the time, Josh was 27 years old.  Wow I got to the end of the episode and learn Ian Gomez was in one too. This is just too weird.
Do you ever notice mistakes on TV shows? I noticed one recently on Glee. They were using the pottery wheel. The one person leaves and the scene shows the pot prior to them working on it. Then a switch of the camera angle and the pot is the worked on version again.

I ranted before about TV if you want to read that.


  1. Have you ever watched Veronica Mars?

    1. Veronica Mars was the ONLY show I ever watched live on TV so that I could talk about it the next day. I was too impatient. I watched commercials. This was only seasons 3 and 4 though. Also coworkers talked about it the next day.

      I watched Season 1 and some of Season 2 in 24 hours (and went to class). I only watched some of Season 2 because that is all I had at the time.

      Veronica Mars is where I got my obsession with watching shows on the CW.

    2. I watched it all on Netflix and then got HULK RAGE about it not being finished up tidily. They are supposed to for real make a movie now!

    3. I heard about the movie.

      The last season wasn't as good. They didn't have a story line that tied the entire season together. I remember reading people complained about the season long story line so they got rid of it. Big mistake.

      Also I remember after watching 4 episodes in a row or so the last season or so and then feeling really bad for Logan. Then I'd be having dreams about the show. I'm wondering if this is the first show I had dreams about. Now I have them all the time (Last night/this morning was Chicago fire but I did watch 19 episodes in 2 days)

      Life Unexpected was a good show but got ended early so they just swapped out 5 min of the last episode with some stuff that would tie up loose ends but it just left so many things hanging. I forget if it was one of those shows that even had more episodes made but then they weren't going to air them. (I watch too much TV anymore so I get stuff mixed up.)

      Mob Doctor was weird in that they aired the last 4 episodes in the span of a week just to get that show done.

    4. I felt like the 3rd season was forced, but by the time they'd started getting into a groove, it was over. Booo.

      I haven't watched either of those. I am behind on TV though.