Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 12 of Half Marathon Training (3.4-3.10)

Previous Summaries
Planned Mileage: 3, 6, 2, 10 (for a total of 21 miles)

Monday: I drove to google, ate lunch, then biked home. I went an even longer way this time. It was 7.45 miles. Last time it was 7.1 miles. Last time I averaged 11.07 mph (5:25 pace) and this time I averaged 11.45 mph (5:14 pace).  About halfway through I decided I wanted to go faster than last time. I didn't really remember the first half so I thought I'd try to hit 5:00 and I was pretty close. I got home and could feel it in my calves. If I pedal moving my ankles more, my calves get sore but I go faster.  After I got home, I changed my clothes and debated going for a run. I decided to go. I took a little bit of time so it wasn't quite a brick workout but it was pretty close. My calves sure felt tired right from the beginning. I felt like I was going slow but I wasn't.  I only set out to do the 2.33 mile loop that I've done before. This time my Garmin said it was 2.3 miles. I set out to run 9:30 pace after my first split I thought I should try for 9:00 pace. After my first mile I decided to beat that with my second mile. 

After I got back, I stretched, did foam roller exercises, and did an ab workout. Poly likes to stand under my gut when I'm doing a plank. She must be trying to make it so I hold the plank longer. 

Tuesday: I went for a run with Hilary. We ran the loop at Bay Trail. We were going to do it a little slow since we were doing a hill workout after. We ran the loop pretty fast. I can't remember a time we ran that fast together. I could probably go through all my old running data to find out but I'm pretty sure this is the fastest. The 3rd mile was the slowest and it was the worst mile with the wind going against us. 

Then we went to run hills. I'm not quite sure how the breakdown went in my splits. I think the way up was .04 then on the way down it was .07 (total).  We did 4 times up the entire hill and 4 times down. We walked down the hill. Then I was getting lightheaded but instead of skipping the 5th hill we ran halfway up and jogged down. So we did 4.5 hills. The hill is rough. Hilary's Garmin said .05 for going up the hill. I wish mine did so that it would seem like I ran a little faster. The first time I ran the hill, I did it in 36 seconds. 2nd and 3rd times I did it in 32, but then the 4th time was 34.  I was trying really hard. The first time up the hill, I didn't really know what I was in for so I guess it might make sense that it's the slowest.  

Wednesday: I took a rest day.

Thursday: I took another rest day. I didn't want to but did. 

Friday:  I took yet another rest day. I only slept 1.5 hours and kept trying to sleep more. I was weak from the lack of sleep. So then this was a forced rest day. I had to skip my run with Hilary. 

Saturday: I saw that nobody was at our apartment complex pool so impulsively decided to swim there.  I barely ate on Friday  and it was lunch time and I hadn't eaten yet. Also I was still a bit weak from Friday. I'm surprised I swam as much as I did. I swam a few lengths short of a half mile. We had a lot of talking breaks throughout. I also swam a couple laps using Wes's flippers. They were a little big but sure made swimming seem easier.   

In the morning I walked to and from Safeway. Then at dinner, I walked to and from PF Chang's. 

Sunday:  Since I had to back out on my run on Friday with Hilary, I had to do my run solo. I haven't done a long run on my own in AGES. I did an 8 mile run on my own in September but besides that I can't even remember. I know even in PA, I might run 5 on my own but then I'd run more with others.  Just thinking about this makes me really curios the last time I did all this on my own. OK I checked and every single long run in 2012 and the first half of 2013 was with someone else. I didn't go back to 2011 because my file for 2011 didn't have a column for who I ran with.  Knowing this I feel even better about having completed this on my own.  I really wanted to watch another TV and go even later.  I was going to do 10 miles but kept thinking how bad I wanted to up that to see how ready I might be for the half marathon on April 7. 

I started out running at 4:1 intervals. I did learn that my RunWalk app won't pause and it just starts over so I ended up running 7 minutes in a row and just missing my walk while at a water fountain. I think I screwed it up twice.  Also then at the other water fountain stops, I just left it going so once I only ran for 3 minutes. I didn't really time the rest. 

I stopped at the water fountains 1.1 mi, 3.42, 4.04, 6.36, and 9.04 into the run.  There were only 2 water fountains but I doubled back in the middle to run in the shade so I hit water fountain 1, 2, 2, 1, and 1. Also after the 4the water fountain, I forgot to start my timer. I realized when I was crossing a bridge later.  I ruined a lady's picture at that point too. Well I got in her way taking pictures quite a few times.

My goal at the beginning was 10:00 pace. I knew I was really close to 9:45 for the first 3 miles so I thought I'd try that for the first 5 but failed on the 5th mile. I played bonus seconds the entire way but after each mile the bonus seconds are reset in my brain.  Once I started getting splits near 2:30 when I was running the entire way, I knew if I walked, I'd end up way slower than 10 min pace. I know for sure I ran the entire last 2.5 miles but it might have been the last 3.5 miles.  I believe my slowest split was the last time I had a walking segment.  Looking at my BodyMedia fit data, you can tell when I had dips for walking segments and I think based on that I did run the last 3+ miles.

I realized awhile ago that I would rather run straight through at the end versus the beginning. If I do it early on, I have the tendency to go too fast and then I die near the end.   I do need to figure out what to do to be able to run the half marathon without dying. Only 3 more long runs before the big day.

I worked really hard to get the last full mile to have a really good split. I wanted it to be my best and it was. Then I figured I had to keep up the awesome pace as best I could before I was done. Also there is something about being close to the car that makes me just want to pick up the pace and be done. I think running so much with Jen we did that so now I continue to want to do that.

Total Running Mileage: 18.22 mi 
Total Biking Mileage: 7.45 mi
Total other things: a few walks,  1 swim, 1 bike ride, 2 core workouts.

Summary: I really slacked off this week. At least I rode a bike once and swam once. I want to do each of those a minimum of 2 times for triathlon training but one is better than none. My overall running mileage wasn't that bad this week but if I didn't go for my run on Sunday, it would have been awful. I'm still beating myself up over so many rest days. 


  1. If your weak from lack of sleep your weak. Your body can only do so much.
    Hang in there.

    1. Sometimes I think something else is to blame too but I did have a lack of sleep. Then I was so exhausted I didn't want to eat so that made it even worse.

  2. Next week will be better. I sure it will.