Friday, April 5, 2013


Necklace and Shell: Limited, Cardigan: Express, Jeans: VS, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Purse: Target 
I woke up bright and early. I kept trying to go back to sleep but I couldn't.  So I woke up and go my blood work. It had to be done at 8 am so I was a big slacker about it. 8 AM is early.  I bought bagels on my way home since Dave bought strawberry cream cheese ages ago and never ate it and it expires in a week.

I got back and talked to Dave for awhile.

Then I started doing things on my to-do list. I hung up the pictures in the dining room. That was harder than I thought. It was hard to get the 2 pictures to be even and also hard to make it so the nail didn't move.

I started cleaning up all the papers stacked by my desk. I was hunting for something but whatever my motivation was works for me.  At 11 AM I had a lot cleaned up and organized and I thought how I'm m usually still in bed at that point.  I did go to sleep earlier than usual because Netflix broke.
I re-inventoried all my Stampin' Up paper. I couldn't find my old list. I usually keep my list and as I use paper I subtract it off. Then I  know how much  I have of every color. I appear to be missing all of my Riding Hood Red.  It took a few hours to do all that. I watched Netflix while doing it.  So at least it's better than just sitting there watching TV.

Around 3 I went to Safeway. I did think of going swimming but realized I needed to go grocery shopping more. I carried 62.6 lbs of groceries in. It's hard to balance all those bags. What made it worse was there was wet paint on the elevators. I had to go sideways and shimmy through because I was too wide.

Then I went for a run with Hilary. We stood at talked so long after that people showed up to bike, biked, and packed up to leave all while we were talking.

After my shower, we had dinner. I started with a salad. Then had a bagel. (I did an awful job cutting the bagel.) Then I ate about half a bag of Doritos. Too bad that bag was a family size bag of Doritos.

We watched American Idol. Then watched Rachel Maddow.  Then I went to my computer room to do more stuff at my computer and watch Netflix.