Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Top: Express, Jeans: SO (Kohl's),  Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Adrenaline 12
I wore this tank top because it has a little pocket in the back. It's a little big but the only one I have with a pocket.

I woke up at 11. Dave was working in bed. I swear every weekend I wake up and he's on his work laptop working in bed.

We walked to Trader Joe's to buy food to make for lunch.

We played on our computers.
On our way to ride bikes I saw a restaurant that wasn't just Mexican and wasn't just Italian. I've never see those 2 paired together.
Finally we went to Guadalupe River Trail to bike. We biked 10 miles. I wanted to go 16 but Dave was looking tired so we turned back.
On our way to bike we had issues trying to figure out where to park.  We saw a guy riding his bike down the street with a bird on his shoulder!
We went to Chick-fil-a on the way home. Then I played on my computer cropping pictures. Dave played some computer game while I was cropping pictures.


  1. I totally agree on workout clothes with pockets getting priority wearing time...my workout shorts without them are pretty much always just "going to sleep" clothes now. Need that iPod!

    1. I think out of all my shorts, pants, and skirts I only have 1 pair with a tiny pocket that would hold a key. (That's out of more than 20 pairs). I also only have 1 tank or short sleeve shirt with a pocket. Sometimes I miss the colder weather because all my jackets have nice pockets. My 1 jacket has inside pockets so I never fear losing things. When I'm out biking I like to have my phone at least. Maybe I should buy another top with a pocket so I don't have to only wear the one I wore above if I need a pocket. The thing is I'm cheap and the tank tops that I own without pockets cost me about $5 and ones with pockets sell for $30 or more. On long runs sometimes I wear my waistband pouch thing that can hold gummies and my phone and keys but I also hate wearing that.