Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Exercise and Running Update

Two years ago I wrote about my exercise and running.  It's time for a generic update.   I have posted some specifics but not an overall summary.

This summer I had more time than I've had in the past.  The weather is better than it has been.  I wasn't injured.   And yet with all that I worked out a lot less than I have in the past.  I was working out 3-4 days a week with one of those days being a double workout.  My goal is 6 but I have to work up to 6 after taking some time off.  Once it hit fall, I started working out more. I would go through spurts of only working out 3 days in a week but mainly  I would workout 5-6 days. I rarely have 2 rest days in a row too. Once January hit, I joined 24 hour fitness and was able to attend Body Pump classes and use better machines so that made it easier to actually workout.

I keep track of everything I do in a google doc (screen shot above). I started this type of file over 2 years ago when a friend and I had a competition of who would work out longer each week.  At first I just had total time and total running mileage but in 2013, I added bike miles.   Sometimes I accidentally go a few days without marking anything down and I have to think about what I did. Sometimes I can't remember exactly so I highlight it. Sometimes I remember what I did but not how long it took so I highlight that. I usually end up with 1 highlighted cell a month.   I use this to create my monthly exercise goals post. I try to fill out those posts as the month goes on but usually go a week or more between updating it.   I try to document my weekly training posts as the week goes on because if I wait then I forget the details that I want to write about. Then later if I forgot, and I go back to reread, I am sad and wish I knew what else went on in my head.  I didn't used to count walking to stores but I realized that was exercise when I started getting sweaty so then I've been counting it ever since.

How do you keep track of working out? Do you have any suggestions for me?

I know I document my exercising in too many places. I also have a separate excel file with a Summary tab for all my runs with distance, time, who, where, when, type, and have it calculate a few things too. Then I have 1 tab for each run with my garmin data copied in. I also created one like that for biking but don't always update the tabs and just update the Summary.  I need to come up with some way to update 1 thing and have it update other files too.  I did create macros for my running file so I just copy and paste the garmin data and then run a macro to get the mile splits, best and worst split, average time, etc. I have to manually put in the date, time, weather but I realize I like that info so I put it in. Sometimes I add notes about what I wore based on weather because at the beginning of every season I seem confused as to what to wear to accommodate the weather so now I can just go back and check.


  1. I like dailymile.com for tracking all my workouts, not just running. And it will sync with your Garmin and then give you all kinds of fun reports. It's like an exercise social media site.

    1. Lora, I actually have a dailymile account but don't tend to use it. I started putting my Garmin data in Strava too. I like that.

      I forget why I lost interest in daily mile. It was either that they rounded or just didn't have enough data. But I did like the social aspect of it.