Monday, April 15, 2013

Recovery Week (4.8-4.14)

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Planned Mileage: none

Monday: I walked to Target to meet Dave after work. 

Tuesday: I took a rest day.

Wednesday: I went to the gym with Dave. We walked there and walked home. I lifted weights for my upper body for 32 minutes.

Thursday: I had another rest day I think.

Friday:  Dave and I walked to dinner. We went the roundabout way so to and from was 1.9 miles 

Saturday: I went for a quick run in the morning. I kept in short on purpose because of my toe and plantar fasciitis. My toe didn't bother me so much but my plantar fasciia did. I tried to run close to a 9:30 pace. 

The 2.33 mile run I normally do was only 2.3 with my old watch so I had to add on at the end to get to 2.33.

It was kind of nice running in the morning and getting it out of the way. It was cooler but still felt warm. It was fun to be home only 5 min after Dave woke up too. 

Sunday:  Dave and I went to Shorline to go for a bike ride. We rode a little over 7 miles. (My Garmin said 7.2 and Dave's Strava said 7.6).  It was pretty windy. Going against the wind was really hard. When the wind was behind us Dave said he was like a sail boat.

Total Running Mileage: 2.33 mi 
Total Biking Mileage: 7.2 mi 
Total other things: a few walks and 1 weight routine

Summary: I ended up taking more recovery than normal because of my pantar fasciitis and potentially a broken toe. I've had my toe wrapped.  It took until Thursday for it to not hurt almost constantly. Then on Sunday we gave Poly a bath and I didn't have my toe taped for about an hour and then it was pretty painful again and I went back to icing it a lot. It doesn't look broken but I'm not quite sure.  I'm not going to be anywhere near my mileage goal for the month at this rate. But I better get healthier now versus keep running and then getting injured for longer. 

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  1. Sometimes you totally need a recovery week! Hopefully your fascia and toe heal quickly! I highly recommend going for steroids for your foot. I did an oral round (6 days) for tendonitis and it was amazing, a friend did injections and was back in action in a week and a half! Good luck!