Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 15 of Half Marathon Training (3.25-3.31)

Previous Summaries 
Planned Mileage: 3, 2, 6, 2, 13 (for a total of 26 miles) 

Monday: I went for my long run that should have been from week 14. I ran 10.2 miles. I started using the Gallaway method and doing run:walk intervals with 4:1. When I got to 4 minutes and my phone didn't alarm, I pulled it out and saw that after 15 seconds I had paused my app. So I started it over. Therefore, I didn't have my first walk segment until 9 minutes in. I missed another walk segment because I was stopped for most of it waiting for a walk sign then I didn't want to walk starting off so I just ran. 

I ran to the trail to run. Normally I drive to the trail.  It was 2.33 mi to the start of the trail.  I hit the water fountain at 3.35 mi. I did not go the most direct route to the trail. I missed my one turn but knew I'd get there. At 4.83 mi, my last walk segment ended. I decided to run the last 5 miles instead of doing it run/walk.  I knew 4.83 mi was as close as I would get.  Instead of going over the bridge, I turned and ran in the park so I didn't have some hill. There was a water fountain at exactly 5 miles. It was perfect. Then I got some water. Then I ran back. I got to the water fountain at 6.65 mi. I stopped a tad longer than I should have because I got out my phone to text dave about my progress and I emailed Hilary telling her I didn't want to run more.  Then I was off to continue running. I took a slightly different route back to pass the water fountain at the park. I got there at 9.53 mi. Then I made the small loop around the park to add about a third of a mile. I knew if I went straight back, I would have been just under 10 miles and I can't have that.  

The run home from the trail felt so nice and easy. I didn't realize it was downhill until I got home and looked at my Garmin. 

I played bonus seconds my entire run. I had 2 miles that were so close to getting penalty seconds. I tried fairly hard to have my last full mile be a pretty good time and it ended up being way better than I thought. 

At 2:40, I passed the one elementary school and it was just getting out. There were so many kids and so many walkers.  I crossed the street when the crossing guard had the kids cross.  About a mile later, I hit the next school. There weren't as many kids here but the crossing guards were still out stopping traffic for kids. In total, I saw 4 crossing guards. 

This run gave me confidence I might finish the half marathon. There's no way I'll beat my old time though. The 6 mile run from last week caused me to loose my confidence so at least some of it is back. 

At 5:15, I went to Standford Dish Walk with Kylie and we walked 4 miles counting to and from the car. Man was that loop hilly. I dread running it but am also so excited to go run it too.  We walked it and averaged exactly 17:00 per mile pace. I did get out of breath going up some of the steeper parts. 

All the running and walking sure made my legs tired. The hill workout made my glutes sore and my day started with them slightly sore from the hike on Saturday. 

Tuesday: I took a rest day.

Wednesday: I went running at Bay Trail with Hilary. We did the 4 mile loop. About halfway through there were so many bugs that it made it difficult to run. I got one in my eye and a lot in my mouth. It impacted our breathing. We would have finished faster if not for the couple miles in the middle with the awful bugs.  I think we went the first 1.5 miles without bugs and the last 0.8 without bugs. 

Hilary's watch is always further at Bay Trail and mine is always further at Steven's Creek Trail. I'm never quite sure why but at least it's consistent. 

Thursday: I had another rest day.

Friday:  After I ate lunch I walked to Target. It was so hot out that I was ready to die in my jeans. The walk home was even worse.  Total I probably walked a mile. 

I went for a run with Hilary after she worked. We started at my apartment and headed to Steven's Creek Trail. We didn't know how far we'd run. I wanted to run 6. Hilary wanted to run 8. Hilary wanted to do her long run of 12 and I wanted to do mine of 10.  We decided that we would decide how far to run when we got to the first water fountain at 3.33 in.  We were debating 7 or 10. Then I checked the weather for Sunday and saw rain and not sure when that would be we decided to do 10. So we decided to do the same course that I did on Monday. Talk about having to long runs so close together. I did one late and one early. 

We started running straight through. Once we hit 5 miles we started running with 8:1 intervals. We have never run with those intervals. Usually we do 4:1. We ended up delaying our first walk by 2 minutes because we didn't want to go from run to walk on our least favorite rickety bridge.     The sun was out during the first half of the run and I could feel sweat dripping off my elbows. It wasn't as sunny during the second half so that was good. 

My garmin did break. I couldn't pause it at water stops. I couldn't start or stop it. It would also beep like I was hitting buttons when I wasn't touching anything. I was able to stop it at the end of the run. But then the data wouldn't upload. Wednesday's run didn't upload either but I figured it would work after my next run. I was wrong.  I was able to finally get to the history and I typed all the splits for the 10 mile run so that I could have my data. Hilary sent me hers but since my watch said we ran further, I really wanted my data.  Our water stop at 5 miles in was actually longer than it would have been but I was trying to mess with my watch to see if I could fix things.  
I had 2 long runs within a week. I ran the same exact course. One I did intervals at the beginning and one at the end. I got a side crap about 9 miles in with Hilary or maybe they would have been even more similar. She didn't want to run the last mile hard and since I had my side cramp I didn't either. Look at the 9 mile total time on both. They are only 3 seconds apart. Hopefully now I have confidence to do my half marathon in a week. I wonder if I should even have a goal time. I know I won't beat my time 2 years ago. I'm not in the shape I was in back then. I weigh more too. I also currently have blisters on my feet so that impacts my running. 
I love looking at my BodyMedia fit data. You can tell when I stopped for whatever reason. You can also tell when I took my 4 walk breaks. I didn't mark those but, you can tell. 

Saturday: I took another rest day.

Sunday:  I walked to get donuts in the morning. It was 3/4 mile to and from.  I did run .06 on the way just in case I didn't run later. I only needed .06 mi of running to hit my monthly goal. 

I went swimming. I swam a half mile. It took about a half hour. Some laps I tried to focus on my breathing and then I'd screw up and start coughing. But now sometimes I take a breath every 4 strokes versus every 2. I tried to do every 3 but that's when I would choke on the water. It took about a half hour again. Wes and Hilary were much faster than I was at swimming. They could also do freestyle a lot longer than I could before doing another stroke for some recovery.  I really need to swim more than once a week or once every 10 days. But I won't really hold myself to that until after this half marathon.

Total Running Mileage: 24.53 mi (finally over 20 miles)
Total Biking Mileage: 0 mi (sad times)
Total other things: a few walks and 1 swim

Summary: I did 2 long runs. That caused me to not do other stuff. I took more rest days. I'm still proud of my runs this week. I did some walking too. Too bad I didn't do any weights.

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