Sunday, March 31, 2013


Shoes: Zappos, Skirt: F21, Shirt: Express, Necklace: Target 
My alarms started going off at 8:30. At 10:30, I woke up. Not only did I have 4 alarms set and hit snooze on a few but I was afraid I actually turned them all off so I kept setting my timer on my phone for 10 minutes or 20 minutes and each time that went off, I reset it.

I ran an awful 6 mile run.  I sat in front of a fan. I showered.

I went to Google to take Dave his belt and eat lunch. I get there and realize I forgot his belt. He had to walk holding his pants up.  I had salad and french fries at Google. I wanted a hot dog but they didn't have any.  The salad was good but I put too much dressing. If we weren't outside, I would have gone back to the salad bar and gotten more lettuce to mix in.

After I got home, I took my daily picture and Poly sneaked out the door. Then she started following some fuzz that was blowing. She got 5 ft from the door even with my yelling at her. Sigh. Poly never walked outside when we lived in Valencia.

I did some crafting. Or perhaps you should say I made a huge mess of our office with craft supplies everywhere.

I had leftover Spaghetti and salad for dinner.  We watched some TV.

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