Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I woke up and got my laptop and then just kept falling back to sleep dreaming about Chicago Fire.  I noticed a hole in my hoodie. I must have a sharp elbow because that's the second hoodie that's gotten a hole in the left elbow.

I got up to do some things on my to-do list. Too bad I didn't get out of bed until 10. I was using my computer all day. At one point I turned around and didn't even notice Poly until I got u. She was sleeping on Dave's chair.   At 11, I almost had lunch.  Poly even ended up back on the chair after leaving the chair for a bit. Then at 2 PM, I realized I hadn't eaten lunch.
I made a Stampin' Up card, I made collages from some pictures, I updated my word file for my Stampin' Up party, and dug in the closet to find the Stampin' Up Designer Series Paper.  I must have done more because it sure took a lot of time.
I ate macaroni and cheese for lunch. I love the TV dinner Trader Joe's macaroni and cheese.  I watched Monk while eating. It was the episode I started about 4 days earlier and fell asleep while watching.

At 4:15, I decided to watch some TV and decided to watch Psych. Then I watched Glee. Dave was home minutes after Glee ended.  We had McD's for dinner. We watched one episode of Suits. I wanted to watch more. Then we watched Rachel Maddow. Then American Idol.

We didn't to see who got voted off. Playing the recording kept pausing and it was too annoying. So we stopped and played on our computers.

After Dave went to sleep, I started a new TV series, Hack.

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