Saturday, June 1, 2013

5.19 - Dead Computer

I woke up to my alarm going off at 8:30. I went back to sleep though. I actually woke up at 8:50 when my next alarm went off. My dream between 8:30 and 8:50 was entirely me doing tons of dishes at my gram's house. This wasn't really my gram's house or any house I'm familiar with. But man was it so many dishes and boy did it suck. In the dream I remember doing it to be nice and I didn't even have to but boy did I hate it.

I played Solitaire in bed for a bit then went to my desktop. Gmail wouldn't work to check but all other internet things worked. It was so confusing. I had a banana for breakfast while still trying to figure out why gmail wouldn't work. It would work here and there and I'd type an email and then it'd stop working.
Dave cooked chicken on the grill for lunch. It was a late lunch because he kept procrastinating getting more propane.  Man was the chicken good. We watched some TV. The Office recap thing was good but I'm glad we watched it after the last episode even though they aired it first. It would have ruined things in the ending. We watched some other TV shows then it was back to my computer.
We did a google+ hangout with Dave's mom for the first time. Our internet was awful so it wasn't showing video but was showing some still pictures for her. We switched to Dave's phone and used LTE instead of internet and then she could see us.
Gmail was giving me issues again. I even tried to mess with it during the google+ hangout. After we were done with Dave's mom, he decided to help. He checked settings did this or that. Rebooted. Everything worked but gmail or google related things (like picasa). It was so confusing. He couldn't figure it out. Then after another reboot it wouldn't boot back up. It won't boot at all now. It's a dead computer. Man am I sad. Dave thinks it's the motherboard. My harddrives with all my pictures should still work but I'm still stressed. I've been trying to upload collages to picasa / google+ that I already made and they never got uploaded. It has made blogging extremely difficult.

Dave made a user on his computer for me and I did load pictures from my memory card from the past few days but my blog is so far behind that I want to load more. Dave gave me some lip about that because it's his computer for now.

I can't believe how many computer issues we've had in a week. I got a new chromebook days ago because of my macbook air and the issues it's having. It's not 100% dead though. The computer we use to record TV had a hard drive die on Tuesday.

Finally around 8, Dave was ready for dinner even though I was hungry since 6.  He got me Taco Bell but because the entire time he was gone I ate grapes I only ate half my Taco Bell. Dave got Slice of NY since I don't like their pizza. Well their pizza is tasty but hurts my jaw so I can't even make it through a slice without pain.  We watched Undercover Boss. I really wish going undercover made them make a change across the board instead of just giving the people money that they happened to go undercover with.

After TV, Dave went to working on his computer to insteal my hard drive so I can get my files.

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