Monday, June 3, 2013


VS Yoga pants. AE shirt
I cleaned up a bit for my parents visit. I should have cleaned up more but instead I talked on the phone to my mom and watched TV. I did push some boxes from the floor into the closet (top and bottom picture on the right show the progress).
For lunch I had potato chips and thawed out stuffed pepper soup. Man that soup was good. I forgot how good it was. I think it was tastier now when I didn't spend all the time cooking it.  I took the container out of the freezer the other day and then had it thaw in the fridge. I heated it up on the stove. I added some water because it seems it gets extra thick after I freeze it.
I cooked dinner too.  I didn't want to cook. I think I'd rather clean than cook.


  1. I've been meaning to ask, is your foot all better now?

    1. I read this in the morning on my phone then got distracted and forgot about it. Sorry.

      My feet don't hurt anymore but my right plantar fasciia is still swollen. At least it doesn't hurt. I should take new pictures. It's not as swollen as before just more swollen than months ago.

    2. The first few steps out of bed this morning my foot really hurt from the plantar fasciitis. I guess it wasn't as good as I thought.