Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6.11: Cable

I slept in until 8:30 when Dave woke me up. I was having such a fun dream. In the dream I was coding some program with Dave and then it was my turn to code alone and make it better.  I can't remember what it was even about but it sure felt fun.

I got up and got some juice and sat in bed and checked my email on my phone for a bit.  Around 9:30 I started unpacking.  I sat at the table to write some stuff down and drink juice and Poly hopped up and got comfortable on me so I was forced to stay there for a little bit.
When I got up, I moved Poly. I sat her on the chair and told her she could sit there. She was still there at least 5 minutes later.
I would send my mom and Dave messages on google hangout.  The cable guy was supposed to come between 10 and 12.   Finally at 12:35 Dave sends me a message that he had a voice mail about the cable guy running late and he'd show up between 12:30 and 1 now.  I was on the phone with my mom at this time and eating lunch since it was already partially in the window, I stopped eating and put my food away.  Poly enjoys looking out various windows and I enjoy taking pictures of her looking out the windows.
He finally showed up at 1:34.  I was stressed because Dave has little requirements about things. Also he was wiring and drilling cable wires on the outside of the house. I was quite confused.  Also I had trouble understanding this guy's English.  I asked Dave to come home. Finally he did. I sure am glad. He even had to explain his requirements to the cable guy a few times.   So we have to rent a modem instead of using our own now because apparently if we would call 911, they would dispatch to our old address. That sucks.

After about an hour and a half the cable guy leaves. He says you just open a computer and activate. Well that didn't work so Dave had to call back.  After another hour, we finally had internet.  Then Dave went back to work. It sure was convenient that he was only a 10 minute bike ride away.

While the cable guy was here, Poly hid. She seemed scared. But then once Dave got home, she came out of hiding.  I guess I am not a protector for her.

I'm so annoyed with Comcast. They stress me out. I used to think it was calling or talking to them on their chat but dealing with a guy in person sucks too.
Once I had internet, I wasted time on it. After Dave got home from work Sachi visited for about a half hour. Then Dave and I headed to BJs to use our buy an entree get an entree. Their spaghetti and meatballs are so good.

After we got home, I said I needed a rest so then we watched Game of Thrones. Then Dave set up Shady (our main computer that records TV shows and the internet runs through it).  I helped him and handed him things when he needed it and also unpacked a few boxes around the house.   Then we sat in the living room and used our computers but man was I tired. I stayed out there until Dave was ready for bed even though I was exhausted.  It was probably only 10:30 but I guess unpacking all day really tired me out.



  2. I am so happy we finally dumped Comcast:-) very pleased with my TiVo and other services from the now fiber optic RCN. No contract either!

  3. I am so happy we finally dumped Comcast:-) very pleased with my TiVo and other services from the now fiber optic RCN. No contract either!