Monday, July 22, 2013


I woke up at 8:30 after having slept so well that I was just itching to be productive.  I got out of bed and put in laundry immediately.  I got my banana and juice and took that to my computer. I was going to work on my Dev Bootcamp prep but I read facebook first. I checked and replied to emails.  I kept starting new things. I was doing some things with Excel now that it's installed on my computer.  I kept starting so many things and not finishing anything because I'd jump to another thing to do.

It took about 3 hours for me to remember to put the clothes in the dryer. I did pack 4 boxes. (Poly tried to pack herself.)   I only watched 1 TV show during lunch so I didn't even watch TV all day like I've been known to do.

Dave brought me home Taco Bell and he got Slice of New York Pizza. We watched Undercover Boss Canada. It wasn't as good as the US one but I did enjoy that the boss gave reasonable prizes to these people instead of giving them houses and cars and stuff.

Dave went to play his game so I went back to the computer. At 9 I decided I would take a break and play some Solitaire. I did that in bed. Poly kept thinking I'd forget to feed her before going to bed so she cried at me the entire time. I got up to feed her and went back to playing Solitaire. Before I know it, it was bedtime. I never did get back to doing anything productive. I ended up playing Solitaire until close to 11.

The picture that makes no sense of a pillow, crackers, and chips on the floor is actually my area on the floor by my computer. When I get lightheaded I slither down there and then eat some snacks.

I got the pink pants for Christmas and they finally fit but are a little tight in the gut. That's better than before where they were too tight everywhere except below the knee. They are high cut but maybe if I get a belly band I can actually wear them with that.

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