Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Day 3

 I got to sleep in an extra hour since I had a doctor appointment. 

The doctor ran late but the actual appointment was quick. Then I'm supposed to make an appointment for 4 more weeks with my dr but she only takes appointments 10:10-3:50. Well that's the worst possible thing ever. I need to be in SF 9-6 with a 2 hour commute each way. I can't go then come back then go back unless I want 8 hours of travel in 1 day and still miss most of the day.  Today I got an appointment at 8:15 because my dr is on vacation so I had it with someone else. 

They weighed me with my jacket on so it appeared that I gained more weight than I did. They seemed happy with my gain. 

I was able to hurry out and make it to the train and park about 3 minutes before the train was supposed to arrive or I would have had to wait a half hour.  the train was 6 minutes late anyway.   The train was packed. Then later the buses were packed. I pretty much wanted to get off the bus and cry because I just couldn't handle so many people so close to me. Also I wanted to lie down. I didn't really feel like I was going to pass out yet but I was at the stage that it was coming. 

I was 1:40 late to class. I got there and apparently missed like 1:35 min of lecture. My summary was 3 sentences if that. So I'm sure I missed something else. I was able to join a group that was already paring since we have an odd number now in class. I don't know what the teacher thought about a group of 3. He had told people they could work alone. 

By lunch we finished all the exercises were were supposed to do by lunch. Go us. 

Then in the afternoon, we had a lecture on scoping. Then spent some time doing our solo project. Then paired up or solo and waited stopped only to have our 1 on 1 session with the TA or professor. I had mine with the TA. The professor sessions were booked. But I think having a session with a TA isn't quite a stressful as with the instructor.   I was told to quit doubting my ability since I knew my stuff. He said I should be more confident. I still don't believe him that I knew my stuff.  I was finally able to pair with someone. But the computers and issues so we both coded on our laptops and didn't quite do it the strict driver/navigator roles. We were almost done super early with the mandatory tasks but then the last one just wouldn't work. We decided to scrap it and start over and then we were done in 10 minutes. 
So I left at 7 as soon as we were done. I did spent 5 min or so telling Dave i was leaving.

I was so happy to leave at 7 versus 8. figured i'd get the 7:40 train and be home an hour early. 
Well i arrive at caltrain and see nothing about 7:40. So I look on phone and see it was 7:30. I had walked in and after being confused looked at my phone and it was 7:31.  So then I had an hour and 9 minutes to kill. 
That sucked. 

I bought subway. I only bought 6" since i already had a peanut butter sandwich on the bus. But man was I still starving. I think I ate the entire thing in less than 10 minutes with texting 

For both train trips today I was cold. Every other day I was hot. My ankles and calves are very cold. 

I'm eating all my Mike and Ike snacks. I'm starving. 

Today I had a ton of grapes for breakfast.  Grapes and a peanut butter sandwich on wheat for lunch. A peanut butter sandwich on wheat plus a meatball hoagie for dinner. I'm so hungry. 

I'm so tired. 
I hate all this travel. 
I still cannot believe how fast the day at class goes. 

On the bright side my pants are only a little bit big by the end of today so ti didn't look like I was sagging like the past 2 days. 

Today when I was getting up off the chair things that are actually on the ground someone offered me a hand to help me get up. But it was too late and I had a tablet and pen in that hand. I hope he does that again. Getting up is rough. Every time we sit on those chairs my butt falls asleep so it is worse than normal getting up. Or maybe it's numb not asleep. 

Everyday on the train my ears bother me near SF when we go through the tunnel or whatever it is. Bother me like hills and planes do. 

Some days I really regret my heightened sense of smell because so many things smell bad but today all I could smell was all the food everyone had and was reheating. 

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