Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Tips

On the first day everyone just starting out got advice from those that already went through the first 3 weeks. 

I liked a lot of the advice. I haven't followed some of it. 

Sleep  (I haven't done that enough.)
Ask for help
Don't be afraid if you have to repeat phases.
Take notes (I have done this. You forget by the end of the day let alone future days.)
Don't code all the time; spend time doing your former hobbies. 
Don't stay too late (I can't so I haven't done that.)
Go drinking with your classmates. I agree with the hanging out with classmates part. The drinking part isn't necessary. 

Some advice I didn't care for was the advice to take your shoes off and relax. So many people walk around in socks or barefoot. I don't know how they do that. I need my shoes.  I guess in general telling people to relax and not stress is a good plan. 

I'm surprised nobody gave a warning about the chairs that sit on the floor. I really hate those. 

We got tips from about 30 people but now that it's been 2 weeks I forget the rest. This has been open on my computer for awhile. I figure I should post it even if I did want to include more originally.


  1. So what tips would you give about the chairs? (Part of your problem with those might be that you're pregnant! Ha! We used those at one of the mommy groups I went to while I was on maternity leave and I actually liked them.)

    1. I don't know. Maybe to prepare yourself for a numb butt or if there's a choice pick the chairs that are normal and not the chairs on the floor. Sometimes we are in a group so there are the floor chairs, normal chairs, then high top chairs. (the high top ones are pretty narrow but work fine for me. but they have a hard surface so I'm sure that if I sat on it for 2 hours I'd also have butt pain. I think I have weird butt bones because hard chairs have always bothered me. but these floor chairs cause you to sit on your upper butt which is totally weird and bothers me every time.