Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Funny (5.22.13 and 11.28.03)

Dave was about to cook and put a pot on his head. I forget what he said but boy was it funny. I made him leave the pot on so I could take a picture.  He did do a solute but I did not get that on camera. Dave says it was like something from TF2.
This all reminds me of the time in college when he put a purse on his head at the store and called it his Purska.
The folder with the Purska Pictures is EMPTY on my computer! I did dig through a ton of old scrapbooks and found the pictures with the commentary that Dave initially wrote on my photo gallery.
I just took pictures of the scrapbook pages so they aren't the best quality. And I just realized my finger was covering the words.

Dave is often funny, like the time when he was chewing on his blinds. No wonder people like to hang out with him.


  1. This is too funny! So is the chewing on the blinds post.

    1. Clicking this link just put a smile on my face after my stressful 28 hours.
      Dave is funny. I'm glad you agree.