Thursday, August 8, 2013

8.7 - DBC Phase 2 Day 3

Instead of going on and on about my day, when I'm short on time I will just say a few words. This might be tough for me. 

Each of the assignments was similar to earlier in the week but with some added steps. But then I'd have trouble with the earlier steps that were the same. So I almost felt defeated before the hard steps started. We had to make a site like then we had to make a site with long-in and creating an account.  We also had to do something else but I never got to that assignment. I think it was only allowing 1 user to log-in at a time but I never even got to reading the question.

We had our women's group lunch. This is the first one where I wasn't the newest phase. We had a few more people than we had the previous 2 so then it was more side conversations and not as much group discussion.  I think it'd be easier to talk around a table but they don't exist at the park. 

I left at 8 PM and walked to the train station.  I slept on the train and each time I woke up, I had a fear I slept through my stop. I had an alarm set on my phone and would check my phone and clearly I didn't sleep through my stop but I kept fearing it. 

I was going to work when I got home at 10 but I was just too tired after the train so I did not. But then I had issues actually falling asleep so that sucked. I was up until 11:30 anyway.

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