Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dev Bootcamp - Week 4, Day 4

I was going to put what total day it is but thinking was too hard. It was challenging enough to figure out it's Thursday.

We spent the day doing css. I did enjoy the exercises but probably should have skipped them and worked on portfolio exercises. I liked the less challenging day though.  I wanted to leave early and work at home but we had a meeting at 6 to discuss feedback. It went so long that I had to catch the 7:30 train versus 6:30 or 7.  And then I get to the train station and wait forever to board. I keep checking if it says the train is departing on-time and it does say it. Usually we board 15 minutes before departure. Today at 7:25, we started boarding. They didn't check for tickets going on either. I get on and there are some really talkative guys behind me. Then they come on the loud speaker to announce something but the speaker in our car doesn't work. We'd have to be quiet to hear from the other cars but those guys just never shut up. I hear something about a 20 minute delay. Dave looked it up for me and told me that a train hit a car around 6 so delays were likely.   So I had to rush out of DBC to get to the train and then didn't have to rush. And I rushed so I didn't have time to grab food so that sucked.  I really do think I'll become one of those people that never leaves their house. I am not sure I can handle 5 more weeks of public transportation.   I didn't walk to the train station today because my plantar fasciitis is so bad that my feet have been hurting all day.

I got home, showered, had some cheese and crackers for dinner, and got back to coding until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. But then I decided to blog quickly and am more awake but still going to go to sleep. It is far too late.

I got to bike from home to the train station today since my new light arrived. It sure was nice biking home in the dark WITH a light. I never enjoyed it so much. Granted I really do hate biking home when I'm so exhausted in the evenings.

I went out to lunch today with a few people. We went to some Greek restaurant. I got a salad with chicken, walnuts, and apples. Well and lettuce. It also came with Feta. I made a huge point to say no feta. The guy even confirmed no feta.  But I get back to DBC and there was cheese on it. I attempted to eat and not eat the cheese but that really does not work. Too bad pregnant women can't eat feta.  I did eat 2 pieces of chicken that were free of cheese and they were good.  I put the salad in a fridge with a note on it that said eat me. Nobody probably ate it though.  So after complaining Dan offered me a new salad. He made me one with romaine and arugula. It was in this huge bowl like a bowl that a group meeting would have filled with fruit.  I ended up spending the entire lecture eating it. People tend to get tired during lecture but I was so busy eating that I didn't.  The Greek place did have french fries and I got some of those and they were good. I'm still sad I wasted 9 bucks on that salad.  So all in all I think I spent 2 hours eating lunch and barely got any calories in. (Oi no wonder I was lightheaded waiting to board the bus. I never found time to have an afternoon snack and had so few calories for lunch.)

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