Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Week 6

I haven't posted this week about DBC and now the week is over.  I'm going by memory here and my concept of time may be off but I think at the beginning of the week we focused on the Twitter API. Each exercise built off of the previous one so if you didn't finish one day you had to start where you left off.  We created a program that would tweet. I did not get to the last step that would set up a future time but that was the last Twitter app. I plan to finish it this weekend because I want to not because they are forcing us too. So if you start seeing random tweets for SmilinColleen, you'll know I'm practicing.  So far all of our apps have been running on a local host server but this week we finally deployed some to Heroku aka they are actually on the internet.  On Wednesday we were put into groups and worked on improving other groups Survey Monkey program from a few days earlier. It's amazing how much easier ti is to improve logic and readability on someone else's code. Yet when I am doing it originally I only figure out the 1 way to do it.   Friday we got to work on whatever we wanted.  I worked on learning D3 since I love graphs. I didn't finish doing all the tutorials I want to do but it was quite cool what I already learned.  So much was going on with it being the last day of a phase and also the last day forever for a cohort that it was so easy to be distracted.
Thursday we heard presentations on Phase 3's final projects. There were 4 groups.  It's amazing how much you understand that they are talking about.  Friday was graduation and there was a little graduation ceremony. I took some pictures then tapped someone in phase 3 on the shoulder to get his email so I could email them to him and he could share them with the group because after the graduation party, I might find no way to contact them.  I emailed him 5 already but plan to look at the rest. Some are blurry so I won't email them. I also picked someone in Phase 3 that had his phone out taking pictures too so I knew he liked pictures.
This is the cohort that just graduated and will hopefully be me in 3 weeks.

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