Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Purple Martins

On our second day of Dev Bootcamp we took pictures. I mentioned it before. But now we have the digital versions and see the group pictures for the first time.  I hated the "act crazy" picture while taking it and sure hate my face in it now.
I was actually quite disappointed that the photographer pulled 3 girls out to have us sit because sitting makes you look guttier and I didn't want that. At that point I was looking gutty not looking pregnant and if you see the pictures forever because they stay posted at DBC forever, I didn't want people just thinking I was a fatty.
It's weird she took about 20 group photos and we just got to see 2 versions. Then she took about 40 pictures of each person individually and we only got to see 2.
Oh and our cohort name is Purple Martins. The phase that started 3 weeks after us are Mule Deer. The one before us are Island Foxes.

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