Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tuesday (Week 4, Day 2)

Today I left class "early" since it was solo day. I left at 6:20 to catch the 6:56 train. It was a bullet train so would take less than an hour. Then I'd get home and eat and code. 

Well the train was delayed in departing.

Then there was a car stopped on the tracks on Castro so we had to wait for a Northbound train to pass us so we could use the Northbound tracks. So the "bullet" wasn't any faster than I'm used to.

(I typed the above yesterday.)

The car was actually on the northbound tracks but t
he northbound train was on our tracks so we had to wait. I'm so disappointed I didn't get a picture. It wasn't even near the road that the car was wedged in. I saw it once quickly when the train passed and again as I was biking. Neither time could I manage to get a pic with my phone. I will have to google it later and see if someone else posted a pic.
I got home and Dave and I went to The Counter.  The food was good but our waiter was on break the entire time. I wanted more food but we were done with our food for entirely too long before he returned and the other bartender was so busy with everything else.  I wanted more fries immediately after our fries were delivered since the free ones we got were smaller than I thought but still nobody came to talk to us ever to ask about anything so I didn't get to spend more money.  So we went to McD's after and I got a large french fries. 

I got home at 9:50 from that.  Then I tried to code but I was so exhausted that even little things I knew weren't happening so I went to bed.  I went to bed at 11:30 or so because I spent too long being too drained to work but trying to work. 

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