Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 4, Day 5

I said I'd be quick. I might elaborate later because I'd actually like to share about the day. I want to vent but also to say what I learned from the experience and thinking it through to write it will help me out.

Today we worked on our first group project of phase 4.  We had to present an MVP (minimum viable product) at 5 PM.  We built a flash card game, called FlashFlood.   It was interesting to say the least. We were told how to split up the work and how not to split up the work and my group decided that the "how not to split it up" was actually the way to go...

Check out the gist repo commit info.  You can tell what time of day it was worked on the most.

We have to do the final presentation on this on Monday so the weekend will be filled with making it awesome.

Here's a peak at what the site looks like now. (screen shot not actual website)

We used Bootstrap 3 for the CSS. It's the first release candidate of it so we should have probably used Bootstrap 2, especially since the teacher said to use 2 when she was trying to show us functionality that wasn't there in 3 but was there in 2.

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