Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week 5 Day 5

We were assigned our group projects and assigned our groups. I like the projects with 4 people.  I feel like this week the group dynamic was very different than last week. This week group members didn't really care what part they worked on so it was easy to just split it up. But then there also wasn't as much drive to make a super awesome product. We had to present our MVP at 5 PM. (MVP is minimum viable product) We didn't go past what an MVP required even though we had a little time.  I guess there was also a chance quick last minute changes would break the product. We had a fully functionally MVP. The project was creating a program like survey monkey. We have user authentication, user session, surveys, a user can create a survey, can take a survey, and can view the surveys they created.  Some groups didn't have all that functionality but they had incorporated pictures and things.  We need to add the ability that a survey creator can upload a picture to incorporate it with the survey. I feel like that will be more difficult especially since during the week I never got the program finished that was flickr, jr.

I took some screen shots of our program as of the MVP just for my own personal comparison later.  I guess I'll include a few here. It's functional but not pretty yet. I only added CSS to a few pages.
our home page

Log-in page

When you log in the nav changes (User2 is the username. I was creative. ha)

user dashboard

Taking a survey

Then the taken survey was added to the surveys taken section

I created a survey and forgot the screen shot but note it is now on the daskboard page "Test"

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