Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 6, Day 2

I had to really think about it to figure out if it was the 2nd day in the week (aka Tuesday). It's crazy how I've lost all concept of time. Sometimes I think I did something last week and it was really yesterday or vice versa.

Today our portfolio challenges were all due. I finished mine with an hour to spare :)

Today we continued working with a Twitter API. I didn't 100% finish all the assigned tasks but I got our app to work where anyone can log in and then get the access token to tweet. I didn't get to the part where I set the tweet to a future time so it was just tweeting at that moment. Then we learned how to do this in background processing using sidekick.  Now I just need to start playing with other APIs. For the last portfolio assignment I used Github's. We had to find 3 things. I found all the commits and linked to them and also printed the commit message. Then I linked to all the people I'm following with a link to their page plus their avatar. So I did it on 2 pages and did 4 things. I considered that bonus even though it wasn't 3 distinct things.

I'm so tired. Yet I've had some trouble sleeping on the train in the morning. I still continue to try to sleep versus getting out my laptop My laptop battery drains 70% in an hour now. It's quite annoying.

This morning I stopped at Safeway by the train station. it only added 10 minutes to my commute and I even walked around the store 3 times trying to find the milk. I bought 2 bagels, cream cheese, and a half gallon of milk.

So I've noticed that each day I seem to be a little slower getting up off the ground (well the chairs that are on the ground).


  • pp will print my messy output in some sort of readable format. You have to require 'pp' to use it. It is much better than just using p.
  • How to better refactor js into OO js. 
  • How to use Sidekiq to run a background job.
  • This is my 6669th post on this blog!

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