Sunday, September 1, 2013

9/1 - Visitors

A friend from PA is in town so we went to lunch. Then we headed to google. Here are 2 pictures.

I figured I should share things besides just my pregnant belly or Dev Bootcamp because every now and then I do something else.

Dave got dressed after me but claims he didn't even remember what I was wearing. I did give him 2 skirt options and asked which I should wear with the tank I had on but he probably forgot that a minute later.

It was a little difficult to get on the bike in a pencil skirt.


  1. Replies
    1. It is weird to see him in normal non-work clothes.

    2. That is weird. Also his hair is longer than I remember (from a year and a half ago)

    3. I'm still impressed that he's maintained the beard this long. Just like I normally feel about guys who grow beards, I miss his face.

      (TGW and I regularly have conversations about how I miss his face because he has a beard like all the freaking time and I haven't figured out how to bribe him to go without it. *shakes fist*)

    4. Is it sad that I had to reload this page to see that he even had a beard. I didn't notice or at least didn't remember.

      I've done the same thing with my brother too. He'll have a big goatee and I don't notice.

    5. I notice because I am mega superficial.