Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pirates Game (8.24)

Dave and I went to a baseball game with people from Dev Bootcamp.  It was really a Giants game but I was more excited to go when I heard they were playing the Pirates.  The Pirates lost. I don't like bleacher seats. People are too drunk and annoying. This goes for bleacher seats at PNC Park too.

The train ride to the park was a little annoying. The picture that is a bunch of knees shows how we were sitting on the train. The only way these seats can comfortably seat 4 is if 2 of them are kids under about 5 years old.

We ate twice. The first time my fries were soggy. I ate them.  The second time the fries were nice and crisp but I got so full. I only ate about half of my second helping of food.

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