Friday, October 11, 2013


Shirt and pants: Old Navy (just got them in the mail), Shoes: Famous Footwear
I started off the day driving Dave to work.  His bike is broken and I needed the car. Most days the car sits unused. Then I went and had my glucose test. Since Dave had to be at work at 7:45 for some early meeting, I got to the lab before the lines started.  I got home around 10:30. The first lady that took blood didn't do as good a job poking me as the other 2 people did for the next 2 blood draws.
I practically begged Dave to let me join him for lunch. I have been wanting fries with cheese for about a year now and Charlie's has them now. Finally he got on the computer and said I could join him.  I drove to google since I hadn't eaten much.

On my way I used my horn. The guy in front of me just sat there for many seconds after the light turned green. Six cars went through the light in the lane beside us. It took about 8 tries to get the horn to make horn noise. I guess I'm rusty.  I can't even remember the last time I used my horn.  But then 2 lights later a different car switches lanes in front of me and comes to a stop at the green light. It was green the entire time. So I gave him a little toot. Twice in 1 day is insane. I ended up going through a yellow light because of him. Good thing it was yellow and not red or I would have been madder at him for stopping at a green light.

Driving was a bad choice because there was no parking. I believe I drove through 8 or so lots a few times each and it took 20 minutes before finding something. I also picked up Dave so I could use his badge to get in the parking garage but the only spot there was too small for our big car.

I had a lot of food. It was good. It made me tired.
I came home and did a little with pictures to update my calendar site for May. Then decided to rest on the couch a bit. I woke up an hour later. I knew putting on an afghan was a bad idea.

I added some clothes from April and May to my clothes site. Then went and picked Dave up and we went to REI. He has to fix his bike and needed some tool.

We ate leftover pizza and watched The X Factor.


  1. I like the jeans! You had 3 blood draws? I only had 1. So weird.

    1. I mentioned it a little in my weekly post but i didn't have the results. I should post them. I'll update my 29 week post since I learned them this week or last week and forgot to mention it.

      But I had 3 blood draws. fasting, drink drink, 1 hour late test, then 2 hours after drink you test it according to my research it came about in 2010 as better than the 1 hour test but it seems to have not made it to all doctors yet. i think it helps eliminate the need for the 3 hour test.