Sunday, November 3, 2013

Baby Shower (10-27-13)

My first baby shower was on October 12 back in PA. This one was my second one.

One of Dave's coworkers around here offered many months ago to throw a baby shower. She has never been to one in the US so would have to look things up.  As time went on planning started. Another friend offered to help plan too. Then I think Dave recruited a third person to help that had actually been to a baby shower before. So Sachi, Hilary, and Brenna planned the baby shower.   Dave wanted it at our house even though Brenna offered her house. At first I said we should have it at Brenna's but then I caved to letting him have it here. I initially didn't want it here because I shouldn't have to clean for my own shower.  But then I gave in.  Now that it's over I think spending a full day before and the morning of the shower cleaning made me a bit too exhausted.

I don't have many friends around here and ones I do have from Dev Bootcamp are in the city or moved back to where they were originally from.  I was worried nobody would come. I was also getting worried that the people who could potentially come, wouldn't be able to because the invite but went out late.  We ended up with about 15 people.
The shower wasn't the standard all female shower. It was coed. We didn't play a bunch of normal shower games but had board games and played those. There was so much food. Well there were about 10x too many desserts and about 10x too many appetizers. Then the real food seemed to be only about 5x too much food.  I didn't get pictures of the crock pots or pizza. I don't even know if the appetizer and dessert tables had everything on them at the time of the pictures.  A few people complimented the use of labeling. We had a few vegetarians so it was good to label some stuff and then why not just label it all. Sachi did the labeling with her nice handwriting.
I did have 3 or so plates of food. I had full plates of food in different areas so I'm not sure everyone was on to how much I actually ate.

Brenna played games with Nikita while I was socializing.  I didn't want to play games myself right away. I thought some people who don't like games would leave and also I tend to not like games.
People worked on making their onesies throughout the event.
I so love the finished onesies. I wish everyone would have made one. They are so amazing. I'm so glad I suggested it and Hilary listened in getting everything for them. Since not everyone made a onesie a few offered to come again for another onesie making session. As soon as I can coordinate a date, I'm going to try to have another session.  I've also made a few on my own. I did order more onesies too.  I'll have a separate post about how we did it. Some things worked and some didn't so I thought making a post might be helpful.
We squished into the dining room table and had 2 different games going on. Dave played 7 Wonders with a few other people.  I played Cards Against Humanity. There were 3 of us playing and I had 4 cards. Then 2 more joined in and at the tend of the game I had 7 and someone who had joined in after I had 4 ended up with 9. We were just playing until the 7 Wonders game was over.   I like Cards Against Humanity because you can talk about things not game related during the game.

At 5 most people left. I wished they would have stayed longer. I always want people to stay longer.
We watched some youtube videos and I forget what else we did on apple TV.  I showed our maternity photos too.
We "opened" gifts. Most weren't wrapped at our request. One was in a Macy's bag but no card on who it was from but I think I figured it out based on who told me Amazon orders would be arriving at our house after the shower.
Brenna made a diaper baby. I have never heard of one before. I googled diaper babies just to see what other ones look like. There were hidden items in the diaper baby just like in the diaper cake. It's crazy. (That cat is not Poly.)
I just went and took a picture of everything from the diaper baby but forgot the hat and pacifier.  Just look at all that. There were many more diapers but I just put a few in the picture.

I'm so thankful for everyone that was able to make it out. We had such a fun time or at least I did and they pretended to. But I also wish some people we invited didn't have other obligations so they could have shared in the day with us.  I'm really thankful for the three people throwing the shower.


  1. Cute! I can't wait to hear more about the onesies. Is that QR code on that last onesie from the diaper baby actually real? Like does it lead anywhere if you scan it? Or is it just for fun?

    1. I didn't try it but I heard it takes you to the website to buy the onesie.

    2. Oh, clever. I would have thought it was fake.

    3. See people here were thinking going to the place to buy the shirt wasn't cool and it should go to something else. But anything is better than a fake one in my mind.