Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Email Progress

A little over a year ago I posted about my email progress (and email graphs).  My emails were pretty much the best they've been a year ago. I slowly fell apart then DBC happened and I really fell apart. I've been working a little bit lately by adding going through emails to my to-do list.  Right now I have 370 unread emails and 770 total conversations in my inbox. A lot of those unread were glanced at and then made unread again. A lot were emails to me from me about doing something. I really should just put it in my follow-up folder or something.

I haven't updated in awhile on my graphs so I wanted to show you that I'm still at collecting the data. Some of that missing data near August was because I had updated but never saved the file then when there was a reboot or something autosave didn't capture it.
Do you keep track of any data?

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