Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Outfits (October 16-31)

Oct 16
I forgot to take my picture so this was the best I could do. I really like this sweater. It's always a shame I forget to take my picture. Nobody knows how much I really wear something.  At least Connie took a picture that had Dave, my dad, and me so I was able to crop it.
Oct 17
Oct 18
Oct 19
Oct 20
Oct 21
Oct 22
Oct 23
I finally wore leggings again since I own so many. I wish my shirt was longer or something but I didn't have many options.
Oct 24
Oct 25
Oct 26
Oct 27
Oct 30
Oct 31
This shirt (Oct 31), is quite loose in the bust area. I didn't realize until I already left the house. All future wearings will be with a cami under.

So I definitely have enough maternity shirts to go half a month (these posts) or even an entire month without repeating.  Yet in every half month post I have at least 1 thing repeated. Sometimes more than 1. And that doesn't even account for the days I get dressed and don't take a picture.

I have been slacking at putting jewelry on lately.

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