Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sick Update

At the doctor's office if you have a fever or sore throat or flu like symptoms or something else you have to ask for a mask. OK I didn't actually read the entire sign.  But I stopped when I knew I needed a mask.  I hated it. I was already ready to die I was so so hot.

I finally didn't have a fever today. I also learned I should only take Tylenol if my fever is over 101. It was every time I took it.  I always assumed a fever over 100 should get some medicine but I guess not.

My nose isn't running much at all anymore. I'm barely sneezing. I no longer have a headache. My chest no longer hurts. My back also hasn't hurt. (I have slept on the couch and wouldn't let Poly sleep on me.)

My throat still hurts and I'm still coughing. My nose is still raw but hopefully it can start looking better soon. My lips are also so dry that they are cracking and bleeding.

I've slept on the couch because our bed kind of hurts my back in general. But also if I wake up in the night for a bit, it's easier to turn on the TV when I'm already on the couch. Also Dave is waking up a bit in the night coughing too and now that is less likely to wake me up if I'm in the other room. Also my hacking is now less likely to wake him up.

Overall I think I'm a lot better but I'm still far far from being healthy.  I moved another phone screen since I still have no voice.


  1. I missed the post where you were sick! I'm sorry. I Hope you feel better very soon!

    1. It was just a couple days ago.

      I no longer think I'm going to die so I guess it's a good sign.