Monday, November 4, 2013


I have a bunch of things to post about but my mind is not with it enough to do them. I figured I'd share. I've been sick for 2 days. I feel like I'm going to die.

Last night I slept maybe 30 minute stretches max. Then I'd be up over an hour trying to fall back to sleep. I have a runny nose and am constantly sneezing. I had that yesterday too. In the night my throat started hurting. My chest started hurting too. My head started hurting after I got out of bed. I also had a fever of 101.6. I'm able to take Tylenol for that but my fever only went down to 99.6 or so.

I kind of threw up/hacked up all over the floor/couch but that at least made my chest stop hurting so much.

Poly doesn't make it easy. She's constantly trying to sleep on me and making my back hurt worse.  That picture was from early yesterday so I don't even look too sick.

Dave was going to stay home from work to take care of me. But then he remembered someone was visiting from Israel to meet with him so he went in. He came home and lunch and brought some food and medicine. I called the doctor to see what I could take.


  1. Being sick while pregnant is the worst! I got a terrible cough/cold similar to this when I was about 31 weeks. I was allowed to take a certain type of liquid robitussin. It tasted awful but it did help a little bit. I just remembered all I wanted was some benadryl and I couldn't have any :( Hope you feel better soon!

    1. I was allowed to take Robitussin DM. I took that and threw it up.

      They said I was allowed Benadryl or Sudafed.

    2. Noooo don't take benadryl or sudafed. They increase your chances of miscarriage.

    3. dr's office said no sundafed or benadryl during the first trimester but otherwise OK.
      I think other medicines are also more restrictive during the first trimester too.

      I think stuff around here is maybe more accurate considering buildings are known to cause cancer but only to the state of California. And different materials are bad for you but then only listed as in California. Also the 2 hour glucose test is used here instead of 1 hour and that's a couple year old thing yet all my friends in PA who are pregnant now still got 1 hour tests. So I feel like they are on top of it all.
      BUT anyway I didn't take any benadryl. I can't remember a time in my life i ever did either so why start now.

    4. I'm glad you didn't take it. I feel like if it could harm your pregnancy at all (no matter what trimester) it isn't a good idea. In an unrelated note, I also read that if you take sudafed/benadryl during breastfeeding it can dry up your milk. Just thought I'd mention it in case.