Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I did a ton of things on my to-do list. I had typed up the first 30 things so I didn't have to flip 4 pages in my notebook and it helped.  I went to Goodwill Donation Center, Babies R Us, Target, Goodwill (to donate the weight bench since it's too big for the donation center), and then to Sprouts. That was a busy couple hours.
I did some laundry. I cropped some pictures. I added some pictures to my CA album. I finally sewed the hem on my one running shirt. I've had that on my to-do list for 5 or so months. I sewed the fabric on 2 onesies that needed to be sewn in black.  I forget what else I did but there was actually more. The only TV I watched was a half hour show while I ate lunch. I didn't clean the kitchen or dining room though.
Dave and I cooked dinner. Then we weren't productive and watched Suits from back in September. Now we are caught up.  Poly sure favors me. She is restless when she's on Dave and she was only on Dave twice because he snatched her from me so I could have a break from her.  She would lie on him but she would stare at me and look slightly uneasy on him. It was funny. She'd just hop right on over to cuddle with me.

I haven't done a collage of pictures of my day in many months so decided to do a few. I included too many but I also have many I did not include.


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    1. I still take this many pictures of her daily (except 1 day last week I only took 2 pictures!) but I never get to posting them. I thought of just having 1 picture on a day but I don't do it either. Poor Poly is neglected on this blog lately.