Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Decorations (12.7.13)

This year we bought a new Christmas tree. We gave our old one to my parents. It was really  nice but also really big. Last year we didn't have a tree or any Christmas decorations at all.

We put up the tree but I decided to quit decorating it because the more ornaments I put on it, the more I have to take off after just having a baby.  There are also a few Christmas decorations on the shelf behind the tree. I'm not sure where they should really go so I put them there. My grandma's snowman, a penguin, and 2 reindeer stuffed animals are there.
I have bells on the front door. Now I can hear when Dave leaves. I have another bell doorknob thing but no good doors to put it on.
I put a wreath on our front door.
I also put a fabric wreath on a wall. It's quite smashed from being packaged poorly for over a year. I didn't know where to hang it so I took down one of Dave's clock/thermometers. He's not happy about that.
Here's a tree from another angle. It's the angle that was in the pictures I posted the other day.
The tree looks better lit up. You can' tell it's missing half the ornaments. I probably put even less than half that we own.  I at least put all the homemade ornaments on there. I really enjoy all the ornaments I cross stitched back in 2006 and 2007. I wish I had made more.    You can see Poly wanted in my pictures.

How do you decorate?  We have outside lights we could have put up. We have candycanes that could line the front walk. We have garland that we used to use inside on our railing and garland we used outside on the porch. We have other random center pieces and such. There was more we could have done but this year is probably not a good year for it.  Any guesses when I'll actually get these decorations taken down and put away?

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