Thursday, December 5, 2013

Miles 2013

Here are my biking totals for the year. This is on an actual bike not an exercise bike.

Total Mi. Month
62.15 January
7.1 February
7.45 March
17.3 April
0 May
2 June
27 July
37.5 August
31.4 September
17 October
That's a total of 208.9 miles. That will be my yearly total too since exercise bike mileage isn't counted and I've decided I'm done riding an actual bike for the year.  I had 0 miles in November. The last day I biked was October 25.  My second longest bike ride ever was when I was 28 weeks pregnant.  I had days where I biked more but they weren't continuous.

I'd say this isn't too bad considering how busy I was, with being pregnant, and how riding a bike is scary and I think I'll get hit by cars or fall.
While I'm at it, I might as well share my running miles for the year. This will be a joke.

Total Mi. Mo in 2013
70.84 January
36.89 February
70 March
25.06 April
0 May
0.57 June
0.76 July
0 August
0.54 September
0.65 October
That's a total of 205.31 miles. I didn't run at all in November and I won't run in December. Therefore that's my yearly total too. Wow I can't believe how similar that is to the biking mileage. I remember telling someone back in February that I was making my biking goal equal my running goal for the year. Biking is easier but I hate it so I decided to make the goals the same. It's funny how I was far from my running goal of 700 miles but I made that before I got pregnant. 

I "ran" 4 times since may. Less than a mile for all of them. I was going to build back up but then running just wasn't sitting well with me so I never did get to build back up. I could have run twice in a month to get over a mile but I never did. Also in March my mileage goal was 100 miles so it wasn't like I ran an exact amount on the last day of March to hit 70 exactly. That was just a coincidence.

I'm pretty sure all my runs are included but I do know a few times my strava didn't start up on me so I don't have data from a few times that I biked. But since I don't have data for it, it doesn't count. 

I'd have to go back too far for running photos so you only get biking ones on this post.

Man just writing about this makes me want to run and bike!  Instead I sit here with a sore back.

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