Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Photo Booth (10.9.13)

A few months ago I was at google and we walked by the photobooth. I love photobooths but Dave apparently forgot. He wasn't even going to stop.  We took some photos but he hated it because the camera is too low. I took 2 sets and emailed them to myself. My downfall was using my junk email address because it is much shorter to type. Then I never looked at the emails in there until now to find them. I have skimmed the email but never went back far enough to find these.
I'm impressed with the clarity of the pictures. Also I didn't know what to do so in both I took drinks of my water. I hope I get to take more pictures at this or other google photo booths in the future.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't get how this warrants a so cute.

    2. I just love to see your expressions because you're genuinely smiling and happy :)

    3. I was probably so happy just to see a photo booth!

  2. I wish you both would've been drinking waters. Looking like you're gossiping around the photo booth.

    (I love photo booths also, but rarely encounter them up here in the sticks. There was one at Seven Springs that I have an old photo with Jess and Andrew from. Maybe we'll go back this year and take an age-progressed one.)

  3. Come to think of it, who on Earth ever didn't love a photo booth?!

    1. Dave doesn't care for them. Says he walks by it all the time. But also he said the camera is too low so how do people even get down low enough?

      I even liked them back when they were old school and printed out a picture. My favorite was the old strip of pictures but some didn't even do that. I remember my favorite part of side show pizza was the photo booth.