Monday, December 16, 2013

Photo of the Day - Parking (4.21.10)

Back in the day I had a car that I could park in a garage. Oh the good times! Anyway sometimes I pulled my car up a little too far. Here is an example of one of those days. I never actually ran into things but just got extremely close. Some days I'd park and walk around the front of the car but most days I walked around the back since I had bags to get out and such.

I miss that red car. I miss parking in a garage.
I did blog about April 21 when it happened but had no mention of this.


  1. I miss that red car, too. It was my favorite car, not van or SUV, since 1979.

    1. It was such a nice little car that was actually big. It was tricky like that. So much leg room.