Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Random Updates

A few years ago Dave bought me a watch. It was nice. Too nice. I criticized him for spending so much. Then just last week he mentioned the diamonds in my watch. I had no idea. I got my watch and sure enough there are diamonds. I've been wearing this watch daily for years.  I was trying to find and old post where I wrote about it but failed. Here's a picture I just took to show the watch. I only learned about this because of that song that talks about diamonds in your timepiece (Royals or something).

12/4  I went to a meetup at Google. The room was so hot that after 2.5 hours my hands were so swollen. My feet were also so swollen that my shoes hurt. I didn't appreciate it.

12/5  While getting dressed in the morning I couldn't find the one bra I thought of wearing. Hours later I notice it's been sitting on my computer desk. I remember taking it off about a week ago because I couldn't handle being a bra so many hours. Guess I never moved it.

OK this has been sitting in my draft folder. Guess I should post it.

Last night Dave said our gas/electric bill was $240 last month. It has been about $60 each month. I guess needing heat sure costs a lot.

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