Friday, February 21, 2014


Ella likes to chill next to Dave. She has been slightly fussy and then I put her on his shoulder and she's very content.
Poly started to get jealous so she came over and joined in.
 Just look at their side profiles.
Ella seems to be enjoying tummy time here.

We went to Whole Foods.
Someone walked around the front of me just to get a peek of how cute Ella was.

Her pants are a bit short but she rarely wears pants so I guess it's ok.
Ella got hot after we shopped. She slept while shopping and then woke up. She was only content in the car when her window was down. (Note I already removed her socks to cool her down a bit.)

We went to Whole Foods to buy wings and other stuff for the Super Bowl. They were out of wings. Dave was disappointed. We continued to shop anyway knowing switching stores might be enough to wake Ella. We ended up buying premade wings that weren't nearly as good as what Dave would have made. Dave made Italian Chili too. I was feeding Ella while he cooked. We got home and had almost no time before some people started coming. This is what happens when at the last minute you decide to have people over.   I slept on the couch during the entire second half. I only woke up because Ella did and needed to be fed. I guess that also happens when you have a baby. Nobody said anything about how I slept.

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